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Bara Ben

Bara Ben is a fictional summer festival available only for women. The purpose is to provide a festival where women can have fun without feeling insecure or scared. This was a group project where the tasks were to create an identity, website and marketing campaign including poster, Instagram posts etc.

Skills used in this project:

Adobe InDesign

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe XD

Adobe Photoshop

My Role

My role in this group project was, together with my team, to come up with the overall identity for the festival. We provided a creative, unique and colourful identity that goes hand in hand with the personality of the festival. With patterns, symbols and colours we wanted the festival to have a playful but modern and mature appearance. My own contributions to the project was primarily an Instagram feed where I made a motion graphic version of the logotype. I was also included in the website design and overall collaborations with the whole identity and campaign.

Website mockup