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Fotograf Emma Broberg

Emma Broberg is a freelancing photographer in Dalarna. She's specialized in wedding and portrait photography and the brand is all about the photographs. I help her with all kinds of marketing material and the largest task was to design and develop her digital portfolio.

Skills used in this project:




Adobe InDesign

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Photoshop


Check out the website here

My Role

My role was to purpose a structure and design of her website. It’s designed simple with a basic color scheme, in purpose of giving the photographs the main focus. Different blocks in motion on scroll presents the content and gives the site a smooth and modern experience. The website is developed in WordPress. Other marketing material I’ve done so far for Emma are flyers for a fair and broschures presenting her business and services. Emma herself provided the logotype for the brand, but I got the opportunity to form the identity of the brand during the process of creating the website and other advertising.