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JIBS United

JIBS United Magazine is Jönköping International Business School’s own magazine written, designed and produced by students at Jönköping University. Three editions are published each year. In 2017 the spring and summer issue where printed and send out to each student at JIBS. The last issue of the year was a digital issue published on the web.

Skills used in this project:

Adobe InDesign

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Photoshop

Check out the Spring edition here Check out the Summer edition here Check out the Winter edition here

My Role

I had the role as the Art Director of the magazine, which involved the overall responsibility of the design and layout for the magazine and the leading role of the graphic design team. We were three people, including me, in the team that together created the layout with a modern, illustrative and dynamic appearance. I managed all the communication with the Editor in Chief in order to progress at the right time and with the required quality.